Weatherbee Resources, Inc.

Interim Management

Weatherbee provides interim management and coaching to assist hospices through periods of transition, filling vacant leadership positions, and providing coaching to new leaders ascending to senior positions in your organization.


Interim management/coaching may include:

  • Assuring business continuity and ongoing operations;
  • Providing strategic leadership to establish or maintain organizational priorities;
  • Expediting succession planning;
  • Facilitating recruitment and onboarding processes;
  • Sustaining and strengthening quality improvement efforts; and,
  • Providing coaching for new leaders throughout their orientation process.


Leadership transitions can cause disruptions in ongoing operations as new leaders are hired and oriented. Engaging Weatherbee during a leadership transition will result in:

  1. Maintaining and improving patient/family care;
  2. Stabilizing day-to-day operations; and,
  3. Successfully transitioning the new leader to hospice, executive responsibilities, and the organization's culture and systems.

Please contact Weatherbee for additional information regarding Interim Management/Coaching.  

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