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Any hospice can be selected for an investigation or audit. An investigation of any kind is disruptive to the organization, may damage your reputation in the community and could seriously threaten the financial viability of the program. 

That is why it is critical that you seek assistance to help your organization and your team through the process and that it is managed correctly from the outset. 

Weatherbee consultants have a great deal of experience helping hospice's that are undergoing an audit or investigation. We only work for hospices, not those who are conducting the audits or investigations and are accustomed to working under attorney-client privilege.


Investigation and audit services can include:

  • Reviewing the scope of the audit or investigation
  • Assisting with the correct strategy for responding to the audit/investigation under the direction of counsel
  • Developing an audit tool under the direction of counsel
  • Reviewing clinical records during dates in questions for technical and clinical eligibility
  • Writing independent cover letters summarizing eligibility
  • Assisting with the public response, if needed
  • Assisting with the appeals process
  • Providing expert witness testimony
  • Developing and facilitating customized education in response to the identified issues


The primary goal of every Weatherbee consultation is to identify and reduce or eliminate risk exposure.

Engaging Weatherbee will result in:

  1. Ensuring you are responding correctly and in a timely fashion to the audit or investigation;
  2. Increasing the likelihood of a reduced payment; and
  3. Developing systems and processes to reduce further scrutiny.

Please contact Weatherbee for additional information regarding how we can help you with an investigation or audit.

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