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Employee Engagement

Melanie Hill will be working with hospice clients to identify and address knowledge and performance gaps related to employee engagement, leadership development, and sales team training. Melanie's extensive skill set allows her to partner with hospice organizations to create meaningful change for the entire organization.

Employee Engagement Track:

  • Employee Engagement Survey - survey designed by your company leadership (samples and guidance provided by Weatherbee) and distributed to hospice employees. Surveys can be anonymous which usually ensures higher participation rate and valid information. Surveys collected by Weatherbee and results compiled in to user-friendly format for your hospice. Survey results communicated by Weatherbee to hospice leadership.
  • Employee Engagement Leadership Training - training designed to utilize survey results in most effective way with specific tips to assist leadership in improving employee engagement. 
  • Improving Company Culture - engaged employees are usually a byproduct of a strong company culture. At the conclusion of this training, leaders should be able to implement strong practices to improve company culture.
  • Employee Engagement for Employees - employee engagement is everyone’s responsibility, not just management. Attendees will learn their role in enhancing overall employee engagement.

Leadership Development Track:

  • Follow This Leader - the foundational piece for leadership development training. Includes an explanation of John Maxwell’s Five Levels of Leadership and basic tips to be the most out of those you lead.
  • Generational Management - for the first time ever there are four generations in the workplace. This training takes an in-depth look at each generation, what they contribute and how managers can lead each generation to form a successful team.
  • Equipping Millennials with Soft Skills - by 2020 approximately 59% of the workforce will be from the millennial generation and post-millennial generation. Employers have been concerned for several years that the millennial generation lacks basic soft skills. This training helps managers teach those missing skills while in the workplace.
  • Hiring for GRIT - retention is difficult in most industries, including hospice. This training helps attendees recognize certain qualities of employees or potential employees that have GRIT which is indication of their passion and perseverance. Those with GRIT tend to have more loyalty and longevity with organizations thus, higher retention rates.   
  • Coaching Your Employees - one of the most effective means of management is to coach employees. This training will help realize who to coach, who to coach out, when to coach and how to coach.
  • Conflict Resolution - conflict resolution can be extremely difficult in any workplace setting. This training gives basic ideas for leaders to handle conflict resolution more effectively. 

Topics for Sales Staff:

  • Selling that Works in Healthcare - five-step consultative / relationship selling model that is proven in selling hospice care specifically to physicians, in hospitals, long term care facilities, and assisted livings.
  • Account Analysis - a look in to penetrating physician’s offices, long term care facilities, assisted living facilities, senior communities, and home health agencies.
  • Deeper Physician Selling - a look in to going deeper in physician practices with a spotlight on physician specialties, including probing questions and other techniques to gain more physician referrals.
  • Community Marketing for Hospice - focus on partnering with churches, civic clubs, chambers of commerce, and other senior adult organizations. Can add specific emphasis on capturing more of and educating African American and Hispanic Races.
  • Selling to the Different Generations - a look at generational differences and information on selling generationally.


Weatherbee's goal is to help hospices develop core strategies to harness the true potential of its team members.

Engaging Weatherbee will result in:

  1. Improved patient outcomes;
  2. Consistently higher CAHPS scores;
  3. Decreased staff turnover; and,
  4. Increased employee productivity.

Please contact Weatherbee for additional information regarding how we can help you with Leadership Development, Employee Engagement, and additional organizational strategies.

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