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Compliance Hotline

Compliance Hotline

Consistent with the OIG’s Compliance Guidance, the Hospice Compliance Network's (HCN) Compliance Hotline is a confidential reporting mechanism that enables employees, volunteers, patients, family, caregivers and others to voice concerns related to potential fraud and abuse.

The Compliance Hotline:

  • Consists of a toll-free number, email address, and mailing address that Compliance Hotline subscribers can use as their own internal reporting hotline
  • Provides anonymity and confidentiality, if requested
  • Includes materials necessary to promote the availability of the Compliance Hotline service to the hospice’s employees, volunteers, patients, family, caregivers and others

In the event of a call or other communication to the Compliance Hotline, the HCN staff contacts the hospice’s Compliance Officer in writing and also provides quarterly reports.

The Compliance Hotline can be subscribed to as a single service or as part of your Hospice Compliance Network membership. Read more about an HCN membership here.

Yearly subscription to the Compliance Hotline $395

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