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Policies and Procedures

Comprehensive and accurate policies and procedures are an essential element of a hospice's infrastructure. Weatherbee's newly updated and electronically delivered policy and procedure manuals are now available for purchase separately or as a three-volume set: Administration, Human Resources, and Patient Care.    

The Hospice Regulatory Policies & Procedures product is designed for hospices that do not need a full set of policies and procedures, but want to ensure compliance with the Medicare Conditions of Participation (CoPs). 

The Weatherbee policies and procedures volumes are delivered electronically in Word and PDF formats. Each policy and procedure includes customization suggestions to facilitate the critical process of ensuring the document accurately reflects your hospice program's practices.

Purchase a two-year subscription to receive updates to Weatherbee's policies and procedures.

Please note: A purchase of any of the three volumes of the policies and procedures (Administration, Human Resources, Patient Care), contains the regulatory policies in Hospice Regulatory Policies & Procedures. It is not necessary to purchase any of the three volumes and the Hospice Regulatory Policies & Procedures product. For example, the "Election of the Medicare Hospice Benefit" (a regulatory requirement) is in both the Patient Care Policies & Procedures and the Hospice Regulatory Policies & Procedures products.

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